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Solar Powered 12V 2.4W Battery Trickle Charger
Designed to trickle charge 12V lead acid batteries with no additional running costs. Ideal for ca..
10-Piece White Fibre Optic Solar Mini Christmas Tree Light Chain
Each individual tree contains a super bright white LED Perfect decoratio..
Remote Control Portable Solar Light
This portable solar light is an easy way to provide light inside small buildings where there ..
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LED Solar Floodlight with PIR
Features: Security for the house and garden Add light to any outdoor space with no ..
Solar-Powered Colour Changing Christmas Tree Light
This solar Christmas tree light is an environmentally friendly product as it is powered by solar ..
Transforming Solar Robots
Details Our Sun is a huge ball of fire, more than 100 times bigger than the eart..
Solar Novelty Kit 6-in-1
Details The 6-In-1 Educational Solar -- Robotic Kit is an excellent beginner bui..
Solar Rover
Details Great Gizmos offer a very large range of inspirational, inspiring, creat..
Universal Solar Charger
Included USB adaptor for a maximum compatibility. Ideal for your everyday electronic devices, Mob..
Solar Powered Postal Scale
Displays weight and rates. An electronic pointer display shows relevant 1st or 2nd class postal t..
10 Solar Marker Lights
Highlight your garden features with this set of 10 Stainless Steel Marker Lights. In a contem..
50 Coloured LED Solar Fairy Lights
Contains 50 ultra-bright solar fairy lights on 3.5m of cable No wiring -..
Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Light
Highlight your garden features with this Single Stainless Steel Marker Light. In a contempora..
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